It’s not easy after all …

Successful people say that we need to block out the external bubble of the society that is blocking our mind from realising our own potential and uniqueness. All motivational videos and self help books revolve around the same idea. I, myself have written blogs on this topic to make people more aware of themselves, urging them to ignore the society. This fact is known by about 80% literate people. But then have you ever wondered, as to why only 1% people are truly successful in actually implementing this idea by blocking their surroundings and focussing on their inner talent?

I have. And after hearing a few psychologists and going briefly through some of their researches, I came to know that every action, thought, decision that we make is actually not a result of our own intelligence but is influenced by someone/something. Hence it becomes difficult for our mind to block out surroundings and focus on ourselves.

(This para is only to make you understand my point) –

Think of it this way, our mind is very lazy and so it tries to somehow arrange the solution to the problem before it actually uses itself.

Like if you are stuck in a problem, them first of all, you’ll remember everything related to that problem; a similar problem that you or your friend may have faced earlier, your experience in situations similar to this problem or ways that were adapted by other people to deal with this problem. In fact, not only do you think about all solutions and problems( experienced before), similar to your current problem, but you also start feeling stuff. Like if you have a bad past associated with the problem at hand then you start feeling sad, stressed or depressed, as a result of this problem. After ALL this, there is only a fraction of people (1% people) who are able to actually think about the problem by actually applying their mind into it and maintaining a neutral perspective.

This is the sole reason why some people are more successful than others, not because they aren’t influenced by others, it’s because, they know how to put their mind to use after being influenced. This is very exhausting and requires a hell lot of patience. And even if you do have all that patience are one of those successful one percent population, you can’t fully block the influencial impact of other people. You might reduce it but blocking is nearly an impossible task.

As humans we all behave in somewhat similar ways, so it’s natural to be influenced by others and make decisions accordingly but what we do need to keep in mind is that, we need to be patient and after listening to everyone, we must also listen to our conscious. Our brain can be influenced but our conscious will tell us if it FEELS Danger, or happiness or whatnot.

But as humans we have the tendency to ignore our conscious some times to act bold or strong willed or daring. But we don’t realize that the more we press it, the weaker it will get and hence when we will need it the most, (in situations where we are influenced) we wouldn’t be able to trust our conscious.

Other than this I also believe, a much better way to actually make good decisions is by surrounding ourselves with people we look up to or at least people whom we admire for their qualities, which we wish to have. You see, you are going to be influenced either way, but if you are acquainted or friends with people who can reshape your life by influencing you, then you can help yourself very well in situations where you’re unable to trust your conscious of use your Brain.

Brainstorming is yet another way to make good decisions. But brainstorming is also based on your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is also influenced most of the time. But the good thing about our subconscious is that we can change our thinking pattern by affirmation. So if you really want something and because of your circumstances and surroundings (influences) you aren’t able to achieve it then first of all make affirmations related to what you want and then slowly as your both conscious as well as subconscious thinking pattern will change, you’ll be able to brainstorm in a much better way. But do remember that your subconscious mind plays a SMALL but SIGNIFICANT role in brainstorming.

Thank you!!😎

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  1. Good one sweet heart ❤

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thank you dear 💓

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  2. Kranti says:

    Brilliant post dear!!

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thank you kranti💓


  3. Both psychological and philosophical, I love it. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks a ton!

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  4. Accidental Blogger says:

    Such an amazing post. You’re getting better at it day by day.
    Keep it up 🙌

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    1. Arushi says:


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      1. Accidental Blogger says:

        You’re welcome 😊


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