Hey guys!

So today I was feeling pretty desperate, like I don’t know how but I was feeling as if I have the potential to do great things and I actually wanted to do more than one or two things. Like, I wanted to score well, to be a good person and help people, to teach, to write, to work on my fitness, to socialize, to make people happy. I wanted to do all these things, and I’m sure most of you feel like this, like you want to do 10 different things at a time. But what do we do huh? We just feel overwhelmed and happy on realising our real potential then think about our past experiences and BELIEVE that we won’t be able to do all these things at once. We agree to the fact that we’re not worth the pleasure of doing all the things we love at once or we’re not capable of doing it all together at a time. I feel this way all the freaking time that I’m not putting enough effort and it gets worse when people say, “you could do better”. “God! I know I can do better but I don’t know how to start, how to go about the process of improving” is all we think frustratedly.

And, this is what sucks the most- Knowing our potential or capabilities and yet not knowing how to go about pursuing it. It makes us negative and we start attracting all bad things. Everything we do seems wrong and we search for the correct path, or for a path to start over again.

But do we get this path? No idea. This answer varies in different situations. In my case, I get plenty of paths which again creates a situation of confusion, then to calm myself out I need to drop the subject for a while and then think about it when I have a clear and more focused mind.

If you are curious as to how I focus and get my mind clear ( though I don’t know, why will anyone be interested in my life.) Click here.

Thank you!

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  1. Aastha Sinha says:

    All you need to do at such times is take one step at a time, really small steps and see yourself grow through it

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks for the advice,😘

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  2. Nameera says:

    Take some time off, weigh all the different options that pique your interest and just go for it. Being an all-rounder can be quite a challenge. 😊

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  3. Arushi says:

    I’ll surely give it a thought.
    And yes I agree that being an all rounder is very difficult


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