Fighting Misery…

Hey Guys!

Have you ever felt miserable, in an insufficient kind of way? I have. And still do. I feel so confused and incapable at times that I really feel like ditching EVERYONE and sleep peacefully in hope to find answers to my unanswered questions when I wake up. I sometimes feel as if I’M not doing well enough. I start doubting my abilities and my talents and keep on WISHING that I was better in managing time. I often feel as though I’m not putting enough effort and I don’t have what it takes to be successful and feel fulfilled. I sometimes want to so badly outsmart the smartest of minds and show them how I’m so much better but eventually I just end up feeling utterly miserable and confused because of my feelings.

But what are these feelings? Why do I feel them? No idea.

I do still hope that I could get some idea as to why I feel what I feel.

The question “why” almost the only escape we find to any solution. You know the reason behind this? I believe that most of our serious psychological  problems which we call commonly as “confusion” & “frustration” have no definite solutions, so we, in order to feel better, forget the need to find solutions and start escaping our problem by saying  “why this happens to me ONLY”

I have no idea why we feel wasted some days and why we feel cheerful and happy on others, all I know is that if ever we want to feel better about something then don’t escape it by blaming someone else or your own destiny. After all even the most experienced astrologers say that strong will power can and has changed the path of destinies.

What should you do then? Whenever I Feel this way, I find an small distraction or a stress buster to clear up my mind and then with a clear mind and wide ranging thoughts, again dive straight back into the problem in hand to find the best solutions.

I know you might be wondering that If I Ultimately will want a stress buster then why not blame someone else or our own luck as the reason of the problem, right? You see if you actually release your burden by blaming someone then you are running away from the problem PERMANENTLY, even if you do plan to solve the problem after abusing someone else for your problems, you wouldn’t do it with as much dedication and enthusiasm, you would think that it’s not your cause even if it’s your problem. You will start feeling as though you’re cleaning up the mess created by that person (or luck) and won’t care much about the problem, WHICH is the last thing you want to do (trust me). Solving your problems and feeling miserable is important because only then will you LEARN the difference between a stress buster (or a distraction) from the accusations that you put on different people (or if you’re anyone like me then, on yourself as well).

I don’t believe that I’m any different than all of you. I also instinctively blame others and myself for my misery at times. The only way I am a little better off than most teenagers and young adults is because I correct myself and stop blaming people/ myself (before it’s too late) and calm myself down by distracting myself from the problem in hand and then return to the problem with a much more clear perspective and a much better state of mind.

Thank you!

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  1. Accidental Blogger says:

    Right now I’m going through exact phase where I feel like I’m not doing my best. Though I don’t blame others but myself.

    Thank you so much for this post.
    You are doing great job ❤💯

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thanks for the encouragement.
      I’m glad that you can relate to my posts.
      But don’t blame yourself, whatever it is, give it time, distract yourself for clearing your mind for a better point of view of your situation.
      Hope you soon find solutions to your problems.


  2. Kranti says:

    Great post Arushi! Completely agree!!

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kranti says:

        Always my pleasure 😊

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  3. Chiru says:

    Happens often in every one’s life I think.. Blaming own-self is the worst thing people do..Glad that you shared this post..

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  4. Arushi says:

    I’m glad you like it.


    1. Arushi says:


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      1. BeingAlive says:

        Pleasure reading it🙏

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Arushi says:

          ☺good to know

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