A simple change in tradition also counts.

Yesterday was a special day in India. It was the Rakshabandhan festival. In this festival, According to the traditional values, all sisters are supposed to tie a Rakhi on their brother(s) wrist while doing aarti and feeding the brother with sweets. Along with this the sisters are required to keep a fast till they perform the ceremony. Only after the ceremony can they eat anything. This day symbolises the relationship of a sister with her brother. The brothers promise their sister that they’ll protect their sister. The sisters on the other hand tie the rakhi to protect their brother and for wishing her brother luck for his future. I also performed the ceremony today like I do every year. But what I noticed today ( and now when I come to think of it, every year) was something different was happening from the actual tradition.

I noticed that my brother also did not eat anything till after the ceremony. Also instead of tying the rakhi to just brothers I tied it to my other sisters as well. This is a great change in our tradition. This change might seem a minor one when you read it but when you think about it then it’s something that’ll make every person with a broad mindset, happy. Girls were considered fragile and delicate in the ancient times and now girl empowerment is basically the slogan of every other political party. Girls are finally been provided by equality. Equality cannot come in one day it takes years and it happens gradually as people change their mindset. Men not eating anything means that they respect girls just as much and they can’t see their sisters Uncomfortable or in any kind of problem. And as men nowadays are also becoming feminists, they tend to notice things more and seeing that in their own house, their own sister was not having anything before ceremony just for the sake of their safety made men feel guilty and they also started participating in this, so that neither will the tradition of girl having a half day fast will be broken nor will they feel inferior. Men didn’t even realize it but they felt a wave of love, sympathy and understanding towards their sister. Also as all sisters and brothers both tied the rakhis to one another hence it shows men no more consider their sisters fragile or delicate. They consider women just as powerful and strong as men consider themselves.

It’s because people are changing, they have been changing ever since the concept of feminism was brought. But we just seem to see the negative part, the people who aren’t feminists, or those who have changed ever so slightly. People are Changing and that’s what matters. If you crave for instant result then forget it you’ll ever achieve what you want…and after some time people will stop listening to you, however good your idea may be.

What I mean to say by this post is People are changing and starting to have a broad mindset. We need to sometimes appreciate those who make even slight changes in themselves and their approach instead of always criticising all those who don’t agree with us and our modern ideas.

Thank you!

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  1. Very well explained.

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    1. Arushi says:

      😊thank you

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  2. Yes.I agree.Change has to be the way of LIFE.Let’s cherish it

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    1. Arushi says:

      😊glad you agree


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