Excessive Pampering might cause your Child Trouble

It’s common knowledge that today’s generation has low self esteem and hence the suicide rates are increasing rapidly. Why? Well because of low self esteem and the need for instant results in young adults. Children nowadays want to do everything and nothing’s wrong with that, but either you need to be a genius or you need to have alot of patience. But nowadays “patience is the key to success” is just a fancy quote for your status’, no one actually has patience. But why did the situation worsen so much? It’s because of the pathetic parenting (no offense). Parents keep pampering their children and tell them how special they are even though they aren’t special at all to anyone but them. Motivating a child and pampering him/her are two different things. Ideally we should tell kids “Your special to me but to survive in a world like this you need to be uncomfortable and work hard, only then will you be special to everyone” but what we say instead is “You’re the best thing that happened to me, no one is better than you, you are the best. You’ll beat ’em all in whatever you do”. Like seriously whom are you kidding? If we keep pampering the kids like we do then they’ll face immense amount of problems and discomfort. I agree that to succeed we need to have at least some discomfort but there is a limit to everything. The child who has always known a comfortable and happy life will not be able to handle discomfort as he grows up. This will lead to his/her being depressed on petty things and eventually commit suicide. I do agree that pampering your kids is not intentional and it just happens because of your love towards him but if you want your child’s betterment then you need to apply a little bit of, what we call “tough love”.

I first heard this term from my father when I made him mad at me by doing something I shouldn’t (I don’t remember what). All I remember is that when I started to cry, he came to my room and gently told me that this was tough love not him being mad or angry. He said that he wants to ensure that both his daughters become wonderful young women. I was 7 years old back then and couldn’t quite get what he meant. But now as often my mother gets mad at me I get this feeling of nostalgia and remind myself that everytime they yell at me or taunt me, it’s for my own good. It’s like hammering a stautue so that it can be of an ideal shape.

So my point is, encourage your child tk fly high up in air but make sure that his feet are still in his roots, the ground. He/she should know the difference between reality and day dreaming. Surely is good to daydream but not at the cost of forgetting where you are. Remind your self over and over again and reach above your limits.

Thank you!

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  1. wisemystic says:

    Excellent post. Who could know more about demerits of pampering than me. I am a teacher afterall. Lol

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    1. Arushi says:

      Thank you! Surely you know but most people are unaware and I feel that they need to know the reality

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      1. wisemystic says:

        I encourage parents to not be too pampering towards their kids. It’s harmful for them.

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  2. Very well written.

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