Show Them That You Care

One of my uncles passed away yesterday and he wasn’t all that close to me but he was very close to 2 of my cousins. It really sucked when we got to know about his sudden death but what hurt me more was the way we never value anything when we have it, be it whatever, and come on this a person we are talking about! We need to be there for each other, we need to help each other out in difficult times, not by sympathising but by showing people that we care.

I know some of you might not be able to express your love to someone and might feel uncomfortable but do remember this, you’ll never be able to forgive yourselves for not spending enough time with the person you might have loved. Look, regret is a part of life and you will regret way too often than you think you will, but the things that are in your hands can be changed by you, if you feel uncomfortable now it’s much better than feeling wasted and regretting later. Don’t let people feel the other way round, after all, people might forget your words, your thoughts, even your work (good or bad) but what they will always remember is how you made them feel.

Thank you

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  1. well said. But when no one understands love

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