How Serious Is Your Relationship?

Hey guys,

Today for the umpteenth time one of my friends asked some very popular and valid questions that many people, not only students ask to either themselves or someone close to themselves, “Should I just play along for timepass or should I actually give this relationship a try? Will this be a mistake? Will it affect my career?” My answer was somewhat similar to what I’m gonna write. The reason for this blog post is so that I can help more and more people.

There are many people in India who think that having a relationship will distract you from your goal but what people don’t know is that even listening to excess success stories in a particular field might distract you, your friends who claim to be by your side might also get envious and distract you, your family might also confuse you between a number of careers according to the latest trend. Well all these examples do not mean that you stop spending time and trusting friends, or start ignoring your family, what this means is that you need to be able to prioritize your options, you need to know when to stop and trust your instinct. Your subconscious knows what is right, if you keep ignoring it, you will achieve nothing in life, you need to start believing it otherwise slowly the voice that you always hear in your head will fade away and then you’ll never be able to make decisions According to your will, you will always depend on others for it.

So my point is that having a relationship is not wrong, you need to try them out, see which person is the perfect one, but never get too attached too soon or else this might affect your ultimate goal for life. No one can tell you which is the right relationship or perfect match, that’s for you to decide.

Try out different people, give it your hundred percent but not at the cost of your career. The world is growing selfish guys, people wanna pull you down if you fly up high, so it’s better to not give anyone that privilege of pulling you down, and trust me the right person will push you up instead of pulling you down.

Thank you!!

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