How can “Me time” help us?

Now according to most self help books, we should focus on gratitude and abundance of what we have. Alongside we should also assume we have the things we desire and constantly do affirmations to have them in real life. Now if you’ve ever practiced this, I’m sure you know that when we are being grateful […]

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To the previous generation….

Read this short story for the understanding of today’s topic. It’s been a few days and one of my best friend looks upset all the freaking time. Many people tried to approach her to ask her about her problem but she just snaps back at them. I was being a good friend by giving her […]

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An epitome of perfection!

What if I say that I know a person who is more than perfect?A girl who faced the ups and downs and still is as up and erect as if she was born yesterday to complete her work. I know this girl who doesn’t like expressing love but is the most softest and affectionate person […]

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Why should Youngadults be generous?

Nowadays everyone wants to do something big, something unheard of and something that’s able to create an impact in this world. Why? Because we think that making an impact makes us famous, happier and maybe rich in some cases. As selfish as it sounds, it’s the truth. There are very less people who practice gratitude […]

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Definition of failure

To be honest I always wondered as a kid as to why all of us fail. Please do Notice I wrote all and not some, the reason why we all fail is because we care too much about others’ opinion. We could literally erase the word failing from our life, but only if we know […]

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